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Have you ever wanted to customize an online video by adding your own comments or subtitles in any language, or wanted to send a custom video postcard?

All of this is possible with Overstream: using our online Overstream Editor, you can easily create and synchronize your subtitles to any online video*, store them on the Overstream server, and send the link to the subtitled video overstream to your friends.

This is what some of our users had to say:

I really like this site! this was a very good idea ^^. ive been snooping around for a bit and finally decided to make an account. Im glad i did, i might begin using this site more than i use youtube! thanks again for the amazing idea and cool website!
- ShineElite
I've never done subtitles before (though I do a fair amount of translation). GREAT user interface - very easy to do - particularly after I went through the tutorials - those are very well put together. So kudos from a new end-user on a good design.
- Alec M. (alec39)
I teach English here in Brazil, and you have NO IDEA how valuable a tool this can be =). I used to have to go through the whole process of downloading the video from youtube, using other software to subtitle it, yet another software to hard-code the subtitles into the file and re-upload the thing to youtube again. With such a simple idea, you guys must save thousands of pain-in-the-ass dull task-handling hours every day. Way to go!
- Bob from Brazil (bobbed)
So take a look at our latest news, or take a couple of minutes to register and start creating overstreams right away.

* From a list of video providers supported by Overstream. At the moment, YouTube, Google Video, MySpace Video, Veoh,, and are supported. This list will continue to grow. If you are a video provider who would like to appear in this list and give the internet community the ability to overstream your videos, please write to us at . If you are a company or an institution interested in using our services, please consider the Overstream Client Services.

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