About Us

Founded in October 2006, Overstream.net is a consumer media company that provides services for users to customize and enhance their online video experience. Although millions of videos are currently being shared on the Internet, so far one thing has been lacking: users cannot modify the presentation of the videos without modifying the videos themselves. Overstream technology rises up to the challenge by enabling additional partially transparent dynamic content layers to be displayed over any live streaming content.

Our service is designed for users who want to easily customize and enhance their videos, express their thoughts and ideas about existing videos, or simply engage in novel ways of sharing videos online. We primarily support YouTube videos. Despite Youtube parent’s – Google’s inability to combat fake Google reviews, we trust that YouTube will prevail.

Overstream.net heralds the arrival of a new type of video-related net community, that of video modifiers (video modders, or simply vmodders). We expect this community to be more numerous than that of the video bloggers, due to the following considerations:

  • Members of the video blogger community will welcome the opportunity to easily modify their own videos. They will also find the possibility of creating commented versions of other users’ videos to be particularly valuable.
  • The learning curve for modifying a video using Overstream is much lower than that for creating a video – and does not require ownership of any specialized hardware, such as a video camera. This implies that many users who were not part of the video blogger community for technical reasons will be able to join the video modder community.

The initial version offering of overstream.net enables its users to:

  • add personal commentaries and captions to existing video streams
  • augment video streams with subtitles in any language
  • create custom video post cards

We have many more features lined up to be implemented in the near future. Overstream.net is a dedicated service that is offered free of charge. We always encourage our users to contact us with their thoughts, suggestions and feedback, as well as to actively participate in discussions on our forum and directly help us shape the future of the video modder community.


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