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How to buy high retention YouTube views?

Buying YouTube views “effectively” means that you need to ensure that your YouTube views are not fake or done by YouTube bots. Many providers offer fast YouTube views, but the bot views won’t help you to build your YouTube channel and get the audience. My experience suggests that there is a role of high CTR and retention that enables you to grow your channel and rank high on search. All of this depends on the methodology, technique and strategy your service provider follows to offer you YouTube views and the audience. Most of the lower cost service providers are bots that don’t help you to get in the rankings or the audience for a long time. Study intelligently and then purchase from recommended sites and by experts who offer authentic YouTube views.

How to buy cheap YouTube subscribers?

In a way, yeah you can buy cheap YouTube subscribers. You can buy cheap subscribers and your subscribers will grow. They’re not actual people, instead they are empty glass accounts that don’t glance at your videos. And if they are real people (which are unlikely), you have been subscribed to them in the sub4sub type program – they will not be interested and unlikely to see your videos.

YouTube regularly carry out inspections. When they find (and they will) your fake subs, they’ll remove it and you would have wasted your money buying YouTube subscribers and possibly lose your account. If your account is mixed up with fake YouTube subs, you will never be considered for the partnership program or a Play Button award. The only individuals that recommends buying YouTube subscribers are those who work for the companies that sell them. It’s everywhere – people ask and get answers that would recommend various services for purchasing subs.

Why buy YouTube Subscribers and YouTube Views from OverStream?

OverStream patented technology enables partially transparent dynamic content layers to be displayed over any video or live streaming content. This led to OverStream Video Ads™, launched in 2018. Overstream Video Ads™ is currently being used on top SSP (Supply Side Providers) to serve millions of ads to promote music, videos and live streams on qualified websites and apps. That means, instead of buying fake YouTube subscribers, or buying fake YouTube views by YouTube bots, you are actually buying REAL users who will actually watch your video and decide for themselves if your video is worth their time. OverStream uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and big data to analyze the content of your video in order to automatically optimize the audience targeting and CTA (Call to Action) for your video to ensure your video reaches the right audience at an affordable price. You can also feel confident placing an order with Overstream knowing that we have been working with AppSally since the beginning and provide more AppSally buy YouTube Views and YouTube subscribers and to clients than any other company in the world!

What is SubPals?

SubPals, formed in 2012, describes itself as providing dozens of YouTube channel owners with free YouTube subscribers daily. SubPals claims to be an advertising specialists for YouTube and offer a wide range of other services to help increase the audience and interaction of your YouTube channel. SubPals enables 10 new and free YouTube subscribers to be received every 12 hours. The company claim that its service is free and has many subscription options that are very affordable for those who want even more regular subscribers. SubPals claims to be based in USA and Canada.

What the internet says about SubPals Review?

Price: Their prices are pretty low and their opinions are mixed in retention. They’re on the slow side (maybe too slow) as far as delivery is concerned. They also offer robust packages that include YouTube views, likes, and posts, as well as different services to connect the YouTube  subscribers.

Support & Policy: We didn’t like SubPals promising a plan of reimbursement or confidentiality. However, two of the five videos that we checked with SubPals have been deleted, so this is not the safest option. Ultimately, SubPals isn’t the best company we’ve checked, but it’s not the worst either. They may be an option if you’re on a low budget, but bear in mind that they’re still risky.

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What is QQTube?

QQTube, formed in 2013, describes itself as a provider of social media services, offering a broad variety of services including YouTube Views, YouTube Likes, YouTube Subscribers, YouTube, and much more. QQTube claims to provide 24-hour support and a dashboard to monitor your viral development. QQTube assures that they will manage the orders, not a third party, and their in-house staff can resolve any problems quickly. QQTube claims to be based in Chesterfield MO, U.S.A.

What the internet says about QQTube Review?

Price: The pricing is simple to understand and relatively cheap at $7 per 10,000 YouTube views across the board for their standard “buy YouTube views” product. If you consider the options of “world wide views,” and “retention views,” etc., things get a little more complicated. They are still, in any case, very cheap – and for a good reason; the value is poor and the YouTube views are high-risk.

Support & Policy: Their support is cumbersome and probably outsourced. To get any kind of help — even an answer to a simple question, you have to open and wait for a support ticket. And wait, and wait, and wait… (4 days to get a reply). Various claims of 100 percent Satisfaction Guaranteed, 24-hour customer support, and so on are scattered over their website. But nowhere can you find actual documents describing these claims ‘ conditions. It’s enough to say QQTube has all kinds of red flags that make us want to avoid doing business with them.

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